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My name is Anastasia. I am 12 years old. My favorite food is lasagna. I like to eat McDonald's. My favorite bands are: Black Veil Brides, Paramore, Evanescence, System of a Down and 3 Doors Down.
        In my free time I like to dance and sing (at guitar, at piano, and sometimes with my voce). I like to do sport and I run almost every day.
        At the summer  I walk with my  roller skate. And, in the weekend I like to draw.
        Another think I like to do is watching "Anime". The " Anime " are japanesse cartoon. I saw almost 10-11 japanesse cartoon. I know, are not too many but I still watching
       And that is my description and all I have to say about me.



My name is Ovidiu. I am from Romania. My favourite colour is green. I like  to  listen the music, to read books and to play video games. I like pizza, it is my favourite food. My pet is a parrot. His name is Virgo. I like winter because the activities are so funny. We can make a snowman, angels in the snow, snowball fight and ride a  sleight. I like school very much and I like my classmates and my teachers. I like History and I have great marks. I stay in the first student bank and my collegue is Marius. 


Hello !

I am Alexandra Maria Constantin, from the 7th grade. I have a lot of hobbies. I like comedy films, because I laught a lot. In weekend, I like to read books. It really relaxes me. My favourite  food is chicken with rice.My mother makes it spicy and I love it.I like to listen classical music because it makes me happy and troubleless. I like to play tennis because I like sport. I have a strange fashion style because I like to feel confortable, and I dislike the elegant clothes. I help my mother cleaning the house. I don t like the mess. I am a sociable girl and I allways smile. I am a happy person :)

MELANIA.jpgMy name is Melania and I am in the 7th grade. My favourites hobbies are: painting, drawing and watching T.V. I have many paintings and I also won drawing competitions. I have at home many diplomas. My favourites food are: pizza, lasagna and chocolate cake. I also like fruits. In my free time, I usually draw and read interesting stories. My favourite music is pop music and hip-hop music. I like to study Romanian and English Languages. I also like to learn about Sciences of Nature. I hope to hear about your hobbies.




My name is Andrei Soroiu. I am 12 years old and I am in the VIth grade. I have many hobbies. The first and the most important hobby is playing basketball. I don t have experience but I am doing my best to learn. I like to travel with my familly and sometimes, with my friends.I am a very curious person. So, I would like to discover new things and to meet new people. I also I would like to learn about other countries cultures.


My name is Marin Mihai Flavian. My favourite food are: pizza, hamburger and fried potatoes. I like very much to play football and I would like to learn to swim. I also like to travel. In my free time, I enjoy playing games on my computer. At school, I prefer Sport, Geography, History etc. I have good marks at school and I am proud of that. 


With friendship, 


DENISA_FLOROIUHi, my name is Denisa Floroiu !

I wake up in the morning between 7:00-8:00. After that, I eat my breakfast and I begin to do my homework and to learn. Then, I go to school and get back between 17.00-18.00 o clock. My favourite activity is singing. At home, I relax 30 minutes. After that, I prepare myself for the handball course.  I practice handball between 19.30-21.00. At 21.30 I come back at home, take a shower, eat dinner and watch T.V. untill I sleep.

 A day of my life

My name is Luca and I am in the 5th grade.I usually wake up at eight o clock in the morning and at half past eight I have breakfast.After that, I start to write my homework and to learn my lessons.If I have time, I watch TV or I relax myself playing computer games.After that, I have lunch and I go to school.In my free time, I like to go out with my friends, to play or simply to walk in the nature.


Your friend,

Ion Luca 

1_December51 December - The National Day of Romania


As you know, 1 December is The National Day of Romania. We celebrate it at home and also at school. At home, we cook traditional food like beans with porck meat, samp ( made of corn), meatrolls and sponge cake with cocoa and nuts . At school, we have very interesting activities. We prepare compositions about the historical importance of the 1st of December. We sing romanian songs and the Romania s hymn. We recite poems, dance and we draw maps of Romania, the portrets of our rulers. The most beautifull creations are exposed on the walls of our school. We participate to contests, we receive medals and diplomas. We finish the activities with group pictures, with the collegues and our teachers. We invite you to see some pictures from our historical activities in our folder named The Romanian Activities.


The school team of the project.


My name is Ana, I have 12 years old.I like to draw, to play with other children, to travel, to see new places. Sometimes, I help my mother in the kitchen and I like to make cookies.My favorite food is pizza.I love the animals and I have at home two dogs and two cats.My cats are very funny and I consider them a part of our family.Both of my cats are 2 years old and they catch mice.One of them is black and white and the other looks like a tiger.I love them very much, but I also love my dogs.My favourite dog is Rex.He is a caucasian dog, very big and strong.He protects our family and our yard.


That is about me, just one part of me.

Keep in touch! With love, Ana.

Hello !

My name is Alex. I am 11 years old and I have a brother, Marius. I have blue eyes and blond hair and my brother looks like me. He is also my best friend. We love to play football and to spend more time on the computer. My daily activities are:

- I get up at 8 o clock. I have breakfast at 9 o clock. Then, I write my homework.At 12 o clock I eat my lunch and I go to school because I learn in the evening. Every day, I study between 4 and 5 hours. I like to participate to the activities, to give many answers and to get good marks. At school, I study Mathematics, Romanian  Grammar and Literature, English, French, History, Geography, Music, Technology, Drawing and Sports. I love all the objects  but, especially, Math.

After school, I go home and relax with my family.




My name is Daria. I am 12 years old. My favorite food is shrimps. In my free time I like to draw, to watch YouTube movies and to go outside with my friends and my sister, Madalina. Sometimes, I like to practice sport.In the summer time I like to walk throw the woods and to run with my roller skate. I like rock music. My favourites bands are Black Veil Brides, 3 Doors Down, Evanescence and Paramore. I listen them almost every day. I like very much the activities from wich I learn things about other cultures. For example, I like the american culture and I enjoyed very much when we celebrated Halloween, even if is not a romanian hollyday. If you are curious, please look in our folder with pictures.

And that is my description and all I want to say about me. Bye-bye !


Greetings from Romania!


In my opinion, free time means the time when you are not working, when you can  choose what you want to do.Sometimes, I prefer to study something.There are many things we can study in the free time just because we find them interesting.I like to study a language or to learn to cook. I also like to visit cultural locations  and to enjoy the cultural events. I admire museums collections, art galleries, but I also like to visit the Zoo, to see the wild animals. In my free time, I go to concerts, musicals or theatre performances. Sometimes, I play video games like Play Station, X-Box, Wii, PSP, Gamboy. I prefer to play video games with my friends and my family. I also like to plant flowers and to take care of them. In the evening, I usually read both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines, too. In weekends I go to the cinema with my friends and enjoy the new movies. I prefer Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood movies, art films and animated films. That is all I can say about me. If you want to see my flowers, you can look in our folder . 


With love, 

your friend Valentina.

Hi. My name is Gabriela. I have 12 years old, I’m the sixth grade. I like to dream and to get involved in things, dance , and watch movies . My favorite food is what mom cooks,healthy food. In my free time I like to travel and I spend a few hours with my friends. My pet is the cat . This is me, a shy girl.I like school very much and now, during the sixth grade , I learn in the evening.On 25 October, we had at school a very intersting activity about The National Army Day.We celebrated the Romanian heroes who defeated our country.I enjoyed it very much and I want to share with you some pictures.So, here we are :)



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