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      Interview with my mom


Me : Hello mom ! I want to give

you some questions about your


Mom : Is my pleasure ! Ask me.

Me: What was your hobby

in childhood ?

Mom : In childhood my hobby

was to sing.

Me : In your childhood what

were your results at school?

Mom: My results were good.

Me: What was your favorite

subject ?

Mom: My favorite subject

was English.

Me : What was your favorite

kind of books in childhood ?

Mom : My favorite kind of book

was adventures books.

Me : What was your favorite

kind of music in childhood?

Mom : My favorite kind of music

was pop music.

Me : Thanks for the honest

answers !


Mom : With pleasure ! 

Andreea Denisa: -Aunt, in what school did you study in your childhood ?

Aunt: - I have studied at Barcanesti School.

Andreea Denisa: - How many classmates did you have in your classroom?

Aunt: - I had 30 classmates.

Andreea Denisa: - What was your favorite food as a child?

Aunt: - My favorite food was stuffed cabbage.

Andreea Denisa : - Which were your favorite activities in your free time ?

Aunt: - First of all, I worked my homeworks and after that, I played a lot with my friends.

Andreea Denisa: - Which were your favorite games in your childhood ?

Aunt: - As a child, I liked to play various outside games, like hopscotch and ,,Country, Country, we want soldiers".

Andreea Denisa: - What did you do when you were bored ?

Aunt: - We were not bored because we had many funny activities like: playing on the street, climbing in the trees, ,playing with animals, going at the beach.

My dad is a lovely person. He is very funny. He has blue eyes like me. He is the tallest in my family. He is hardworker. His favourite food is beefsoup. He likes dogs and football too. I love my dad.

Ovidiu: - What sports did you like in your childhood?

Dad: - I liked to play football. I had many balls.

Ovidiu: - Did you help your parents when you were a child ?

Dad: - Yes, I used to work with my father in the garden.

Ovidiu: - Which was your favourite animal ?

Dad: - When I was a child, I liked dogs.


Interview with my mother

My mother s name is Adriana Baltaretu. She is 40 years old. She is tall, with red hair and green eyes. My mother is the person that I love most in the entire world.

- Mommy, please tell me, what hobbies did you have in your childhood ?

- When I was a child, I loved to read.

-What kind of child were you ?

- I was an active child. I was playing with my friends, always doing something for the others.

- What kind of marks did you have at school ?

- I had very good marks and I liked to learn.

My mother is a special person. Her name is Radu Viorica Constanta and she is 31 years old.She lived in Albesti. She is very nice and friendly. She looks like this: her hair is black - brown, green- blue eyes and small small lips, thin and pink- white face. My mother is mad after flowers. She is a housewife and she has three children: me, Emanuel and Anelis. To be honest, she is a single mother. She likes Mathe. When she was a child, she learnt very well at school. She wanted to become a TV presenter.This is my mother. 

The interview:

Melania: - What profession did you want to have?

Mother: -I wanted to become a T.V. presenter.

Melania: - Did you like your childhood?

Mother: - Yes, because I had a simple life.

Melania: - How did you understand with the kids from your street?

Mother: - I had a very good relation with them, but I was shy.

Melania: - Would you like to be a child again?

Mother: - Yes and no. Yes, because it was a wonderful period of my life and no, because I have a family now and I am proud of it.



My grandmother s name is Florica Mihai. She is 59 years old. She doesn t have a job but she helps in a small shop. She has brown eyes and dark hair. She is very nice, lovely and funny.


Anastasia: - What did you like to do in your free time ?

Grandmother : - I liked to play on my street with my neighbours because in my childhood I didn t have T.V., internet or mobile phones.

Anastasia: - Which was your favorite book ?

Grandmother: - I don t remember but I know that I liked love stories.

Anastasia : - Which was your favorite object ?

Grandmother: - I liked Franch.

Anastasia: - What hobbies did you have? 

Grandmother: - I liked to dance.

Anastasia: - Which was your favorite sport ?

Grandmother: - By that time, I practiced gymnastics.

My mother s name is Elena. She is a beautiful person . She has green eyes and brown hair. She is tall and thin. She is 39 and she works as nurse at hospital.

Reporter Maria: 

- What games you usedto play in your childhood ?

My mother Elena:

- I used to play football and handball with boys.

Reporter Maria:

- Which was your level at school?

My mother Elena:

- I have allways been between the first children in my class and my marks average  was always more than 8.

Reporter Maria:

- What were you doing in your free time?

My mother Elena:

- It was difficult for me, because I had to take care of my brother and household when my parents were at work and I did not have time to play with my friends. But, when I had some free time, I loved to read.

Reporter Maria:

- Are there any differents between your childhood and the one from today ?

My mother Elena:

I honestly believe I had an active childhood and the children from nowdays have a passive one.

Reporter Maria:

- OK, thank you for this wonderfull inyerview.

My mother Elena:

- Thank you, too.

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